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A Tantalizing Blend of Shadow & Light 

Forged through decades of trauma and abuse, Alana has risen from the ashes again and again, shedding layers of pain & trauma to be the embodiment of Love she is today!

She now shares her story of healing & triumph with others through a variety of modalities as a healer, teacher and guide. Considered to be a Master in shadow work, she teaches others how to do the DEEP inner work needed to transform their pain into power!

Alana is a Quantum Mystic that is highly versed in the understanding of duality (Sun & Mercury in Gemini) and offers a refreshing and honest take on the controversial dynamics and narratives that are playing out on the world stage.

Book her on your next show and have your audience smitten with her vibe! Let her DELIGHT your followers & guests with a wide variety of insightful commentary as she wows the audience with her tarot readings & predictions of future events! Watch as she weaves the conversation to teach deep Universal Truth in a fun and conversational tone.

Topics of Discussion: #CurrentEvents & #Politics, #QuantumSciences, #Consciousness, #Spirituality, #Metaphysics, #Esoteric & #Magick, #Religion & #Philosophy, #ConsciousMarketing & #ConsciousBusiness

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Why are you called the ‘Empress’? 

The ‘Empress’ is a card in the tarot deck that is the HIGHEST expression of the Divine Feminine energy in the physical world. I choose to continually align myself with LOVE, which is why I am called the ‘Empress of Love’.


What are your credentials? 

I have no advanced certifications or degrees, nor do I pretend to be something I am not. However, I do have training in CBT & REBT, as well as trauma resilience, Reiki, other energy healing modalities, mindfulness, neuroscience and quantum physics.

I have studied a wide variety of topics extensively for the last 13 years and I absolutely geek out listening to lectures from my fav scientists and reading quantum scientific research papers! 🤩

Love has been my greatest Teacher though, my greatest Guide, and the proof (or fruit) of my teachings is in my own personal healing & transformation as well as all of the lives that have benefited from my knowledge and guidance. 💜


How old are you? 

I get this question a LOT, because I look very young (and I’m def not complaining!) I am 42 and have 3 children over the age of 17.


What is the significance of 888? 

I am a Life Path 8, so it is in my energetic signature to manifest wealth and to teach others how to do it from a place of pure intention. The significance of repeating it three times, adds to the intensity of the 8 energy.


What is your CORE belief? 

My core tenant will ALWAYS be that Love is the answer to *literally* everything and the sooner we understand this, the easier the collective transition will be during this tumultuous time of humanity’s evolution.


What are your birth chart deets? 

Sun – Gemini Moon – Leo Ascendant/Rising – Leo Jupiter – Leo Mercury – Gemini Venus – Taurus Mid-Heaven – Taurus North Node – Virgo Life Path – 8 Soul Urge/Heart’s Desire -22

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